Well, we are crossfitters who were missing artistic approach in sportswear design, so we created Archfit, a sportswear brand, reflecting cross-training values in each piece. We are here to give high quality product for those who already have cross-training in their lives. And to introduce values and esthetics of this sport to those who do their first deadlifts and snatches.
We are proud to give you the best:

Hey, that’s Javier and Anastasia! Quarantine 2020 allowed us to channel our talents and love for training into the online-shop you are browsing right now. Archfit is an independent Spanish athleisure brand operated by us two. We design, print, and send our items by ourselves. We hope, to build a community of people who share our passion for cross-training and urban sports aesthetics. Visit our Instagram to know us better.

It all starts with Javier working on designs after his morning WOD. All the prints in Archfit are original and made by hand. Then we use different printing techniques to apply the designs over our cotton t-shirts, sports bras, and sweatshirts. As Archfit grows, we will expand the range of products in our collection.

Our mailers are waterproof, resistant to damages, but most important - 100% biodegradable. Plant-based materials and inks, no acid in the paper - all these things make our packaging environmentally-friendly. The mailers are compostable, which means you can throw it to 'organic' bin, or compost it. You can learn more about the packaging properties by clicking here.